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To become the link for the companies with reliance

 Consultant & Account Executive
 Ms. Kazue Miyazaki

Kazue Miyazaki is a sales worker of job offerings. She works with personal affairs of various companies on daily bases. “There was something inspiring when I fist came to New York for a business trip. I began to think I really wanted to accomplish something in here.” Kazue told strongly. She decided to come to New York after working for a Japanese trading company. For this consultant interview, we are going to introduce a person with challenging heart Miyazaki.

To become the link for the companies

My job is more of business oriented than being considered as a consultant because I work with personal affairs of various companies all the time. My job is matching the applicants with the companies through building a closer connection. I also do interviews, but it is very hard to find companies that are suitable for every applicants. In that case I will contact another applicant and exchange information to find what are suitable for the applicants needs. My role is to become the link for the companies. My job is to listen for the offers of personnel affairs, talk and confirm with the applicants before I introduce them to the companies

Provide advises that can satisfy the clients

For people who are in search of their jobs, there many who are unsatisfied. For us to find their job with certainty, I take an extra care about how I should give the advises during the interviews. I have studied interview skills in my past, so I hope to provide them good advises with cheerful and bright manner.

I want to create something new

I come from a background field of image consulting. It a quite different field that many are unheard of. It is a business that was born in U.S. It is a field that advice and coordinate people’s “first impression looks” such color of cloth or make up that men and women wear. In interviews, it is no exaggeration to say that one’s acceptance can be determined by the first impression. I hope to help this part a lot during the interviews. It is a new service and I hope to apply my knowledge of image consulting to provide quality and services for the employment agencies.

Message for the companies

When I’m able to provide best matches for the companies, that is when I feel satisfy and be happy doing this job. I want to be reliant and become the link for companies.

Provided by ProX J Article,Photo : KC Taniguchi

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