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  President & CEO
  Ms. Saeko Arai

Ms Arai thought of herself as "one of those who cant do their job". She had trouble and hated doing staff works such as taking copies and doing data works. She thought that a person who struggles with staff work would simply equal as "those who cannot do the work." She expressed that her first year with the company was boredom and had a hard time going to work. However, everything changed after she received guidance from her boss. Currently, She is the president of her New York branch of "Internet Research Institute , Inc. " where she spends her busy days.

Within the 1st year , there are a lot of things to remember at the same time there are also a lot dreams and goals they want to accomplish. People are usually anxious within there first year. However, I did not feel that way. I hated going to worked at that time. Because I was not able to do the staff work very well, I thought of myself as " those who can't work". As my motivation began to fade, I had an opportunity about my current situation with the boss. I thought him directly that I was not getting any satisfaction from the work." The boss didn’t show his anger at all. He respond it calmly and said " think about what you really want to do in order for you to be happy, and tell me when you have the answer for that". Since then, I started to think about things I can do well and be happy instead of having myself struggle trouble paper works. Then I began to work in the way of what I desired, and all of a sudden I became a worker who has become motivated.

After a while, I became the management for my younger colleagues. It is very hard to main the unity of workers. Based on the experiences that I earned from my boss, rather the maintaining the unity, I thought it is important for me to have the person to person relationships. I tried not to be involved in "private matters. However at the same time I did not't want to be dry also". Maintaining the right distance between myself and others are very hard to do but it is important. I am a woman, and I try to use the merits of being a woman.

There some woman who force themselves to be in the same field as the man. I am not against it with this idea but I never thought once about telling myself to be in the same battle field as the men do. There are clear differences between men and women, and I believe it is important to use the full capacity of merits that both men and women have. I feel it as much suitable in that sense. I think most women lives in the world of harmony. They are able to adjust themselves calmly within any given situations. How every you can not forget that you are in group, and you always have to understand and be conscious of what kind of situation you are in. Women should not force themselves but they should think about what kind of attraction and advantages that they have the men don’t have. I want them to use the full potential and abilities that they have to become business women.

Ms. Arai's Profile

Birthplace / Kanagawa
High School /Kanagawa Atsugi high school
University / Chuou University
Motto / To live is to dream, strive and to be thankful
Lived in NYC for years /3 years

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