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Article: Business condition in California

  Ms. Yoshimi Iyadomi

There are differences in industrial and job seeking trends in places like Orange County, Los Angeles, the heart of Southern California, and in the heart of Northern California, Silicon Valley, San Francisco. Los Angeles in the base of the distribution of dispatching Asian products through entire U.S. There are variety of manufacturing distribution companies within this area and there has been increases of Japanese factories on the borders of San Diego and Mexico. It has contributed and has led towards the increase in demands of new job position in fields such as distribution companies, component manufactures and other relating areas. On the other hand, job offerings in the semiconductors, electrical products within the areas of technical industries are conspicuous in Northern California. Although the business conditions in Semiconductors are recovering a little by little, the Dot Com related industries are still on its low side. In places like Silicon Valley, there are sever in and out competition. There has been a increase of new venture companies with high potential and in need of technicians within the field of Bio technology and Nano technology.

The employment situations have recovered slightly. There are openings in Entertainment and Toy industries that handle foods, daily products, cosmetics, video and DVDs. They are showing signs of gradual recovery and did not seem to get hit from the collapse of the economy. However the companies that are suffering the most from the economy are the American airline companies and travel agencies. Plus many of the Japanese bank companies are in the state of confusion, trying to figure out how to overcome the depression any way they can

Regarding the occupational description with many job offers, the job offering of sales and marketing are conspicuous in southern California. In North California, there are increase in demands and in need of scientists, researchers and sales engineers in Semi-conductor, machine and electric related industries, who are capable of providing direct contribution with technical abilities and knowledge.

Visa support is on the down fall.

On the whole, the situation of visa support has become very severe. There are 2 main reasons for this. One, to support for the visa, it requires burden of money. Two, the necessity of bilingual speaker of Japanese and English has declined. Before, it was common to see foreign workers with assistants on their side, but today, many of the foreign workers are capable of speaking and doing work with English. Plus, the development of Emails and TV conferences also led to the decline in demand of bilingual speakers.

The direction of markets in California.

Many are speculating on the automobile related industries in Southern California. In the same area, there are major auto companies that generalize designs and sales. There is a talk that Toyota is possibly considering to build a new factory on the border of Mexico. By establishing new factories, it will have a direct influence on distribution ,sales and, marketing. It is expected that this will lead and aid the circulation of the activities of the market. In Northern California, there are expectation of Bio technology and other relating technologies will create a new market with the connection of technologies.

The direction of markets in California.

As technical skills are based on one side, communication skills are also important. Through the process of globalization in recent years especially in Asia, there has been such cases of hiring technical professionals to handle the developmental works with low wages. Therefore we see increase in demand in types of occupation such as sales engineering, technical supports. In these fields, communication skills are highly demanded, not only the deskwork.

Being able to express the desires and goals of your work in suitable language

California provides comfortable weather. For some, this may give an impression about in some areas people are not dedicated towards there work. However, there are many successful and dedicated workers. There are many Japanese companies in California compared to other states. Type of jobs are various and there are many chance. It is very important to display your desire and willing through suitable manner during the interview. However, you can not be self oriented. It is important to advertise your self with the other through respect and dignity. Have Confidence and desire, polish yourself, don't be drowned by the environment and easily be influenced by the opinions. You will see your path if you keep challenging.

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