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What you can do in Prox is...
  To use our system, first thing you need to do is a registration. Filling out the form does not commit you to any purchase, but will register you for our system and you might just find your next candidate, FREE!
Post a Job
ProX enable you to shortcut your former time-consume recruitment. What you need to do is just post a job from "Post a Job" Page. Then, just wait contacts from agencies.
Choose Employment Agencies you want
After posted your job, you will see a page to select employment agencies. You can contact with as many as you want, so you can enlarge your chance to get the most qualified candidate!
See Candidate's Tracking anywhere and anytime
ProX shows you all tracking history created between you and agencies, such as dates you posted jobs, candidates you have contacted with and many more. You can reach Candidate's tracking history anywhere and anytime.
Creating a memo
  You can make a post-it-like memo in each history. So you never forget important introduced candidate from employment agencies.

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